For the last while we have been stocking the JUUL V3 Starter Kit and with it — it has never been easier to get into vaporizers!

We want to highlight and reiterate exactly how convenient and effective this vaporizer is for it’s price point and ease of use.

Colour: Black.
 Direct Output
Internal Battery mAh: 200mAh
Cartridge: 0.7mL FULLY Disposable JUULlpods

This Kit Contains:

  1. JUUL V3 (200mAh Internal Battery)
  2. Virginia Tobacco JUULpod (0.7mL) x 1
  3. Mint JUULpod (0.7mL) x 1
  4. Mango JUULpod (0.7mL) x 1
  5. Vanilla JUULpod (0.7mL) x 1
  6. JUUL USB Charge Deck
  7. Manual

The Gist: The JUUL V3 is the newest in the original innovative salt nicotine lineup. The JUUL V3 uses fully disposable, NON-REFILLABLE JUULpods — making the JUUL V3 the easiest, most beginner friendly kit available on the market. (There is a refillable pod also available called the J-Pod for traditionalists!.)

No coil changing, no juice refilling, no priming; simply take the empty pod off and put a new one in it’s place and draw from it. Specially designed to fit perfectly in any kind of pocket and has a very unique magnetic connecting USB charge deck, the JUUL V3 is all the vapor without any fuss!

The main reasons why the JUUL is one of the best vaporizer / e-cigarette devices to start with:

  • No maintenance, refilling, priming or coil changing! When a JUULpod gets empty simply discard it and snap a new JUULpod in! (And they last a staggering 200 puffs.)
  • Having no cleaning, refilling or coil changing makes the JUUL not only the simplest but also mess-less.
  • The JUUL has a sleek design that fits in almost every pocket imaginable. It’s a device you can take with you everywhere!
  • No need to carry bottles of e-juice around with you. The JUULpods are satisfying, last many puffs and are compact.
  • Comes complete with everything you need: 4 different JUULpods to start out with, the JUUL itself and a small usb charge deck.
  • The JUUL is a very affordable and very effective system that was engineered to minimize combustion using specialized salt nicotine liquid as found in the tobacco leaf rather than free-base nicotine. It is a very efficient, satisfying liquid paired specifically for the output of a JUUL and is satisfying for even the experienced vaper as a second or third addition to their collection!
  • The JUUL despite it’s smaller 200mAh internal battery — surprisingly lasts a very long time and for many puffs due to the very good pod coil system. But it also means it charges INCREDIBLY FAST! When your away camping or traveling around even the tiniest of power banks can charge your JUUL many, many times quickly.
  • If your computer has vertical USB ports; get an inexpensive USB port hub to charge your JUUL at your desk at home or at work conveniently.
  • The size and shape of the JUULpod makes a JUULpod very compact and easy to carry around in a wallet or car compartment. Take advantage of this!

When your first starting out with vaporizers salt nicotine devices and the potency of nicotine they provide is higher than devices that use regular, lower concentrations of nicotine e-juice / e-liquid. Despite the JUULs size, lack of refillable cartridges — it has been engineered and made to be extremely satisfying and convenient in every aspect.

We assure you —  if you are starting out or especially if you are trying to cut down on conventional cigarettes that the JUUL provides a low-cost but more importantly; a very high quality cigarette-like mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

It’s low-cost and no-fuss design with it’s entirely disposable pods allows you to experiment with vaping without any of the common beginner issues and it’s shape allows you to carry it everywhere. Convenience is a major reason for some individuals to continue smoking.

Even experienced vapers and pack a day smokers can be satisfied with a JUUL setup. They are very attractive as it only takes a few puffs to become satisfied, opening up more time on short breaks at work or other activities such as concerts or events with designated smoking / vaping areas and less time worrying about getting the nicotine fix in.

And even although you own a JUUL, it doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to a larger regular nicotine vaporizer later down the road for the increased flavor and lower nicotine mg concentration juices that allow you to have while a less efficient, bulkier vape — a more pleasurable to some experience and flavor.

Many individuals who vape regular juice in large vaporizers own a JUUL or other salt nicotine compatible device for their convenience and potency that leads to longer-term satisfaction.

We’re happy to bring the JUUL V3 Starter Kit and the fantastic convenience it provides to vapers across the country. The JUUL created today’s ideas and concepts of salt nicotine vaporizers and even to this day years later — is a strong contender.

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