In the past, you might of heard in the Media and from people “Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung!” This was from a previous study that was funded predominantly by Big Tobacco Organizations and associated businesses. This study simply stated that there was Diacetyl in Vapor, immediately it became apparent even by this studies findings that Vapor contained MUCH LESS Diacetyl than a standard cigarette.

And the levels of this chemical required to make you be at risk of “Popcorn Lung” was based soly on studies done on workers in a Popcorn facility, being exposed to many hundreds of times more Diacetyl than you would Vaping or Smoking combined due to improper chemical handling and safety guidelines for workers.

But, it was a media wildfire and still today, uninformed people point a finger at Vaping being a Cause of Popcorn Lung, despite any actual evidence of a recorded correlation. Even by the studies own findings that only really proved one thing: Vapor contains Diacetyl, but it’s much less than a standard cigarette. Nowadays, you don’t even need to worry as a mass majority of E-juices and E-Liquids have discontinued use of this flavorant…

Even although it’s all over that Microwaved Popcorn you just ate and the cheesecake you bought at the grocery store last thursday and just about every packet of anything containing modified milk ingredients for that matter and every alcoholic beverage you have ever consumed in your life because “Diacetyl arises naturally as a byproduct of biological fermentation.”

So that’s to keep you up to date with the last red alert. Now as of two weeks ago a similar study has come out, again, that’s being picked up by the Media and the anti-advocates, in reference to a seemingly even more flawed study in regards to “Metal Ions” and “Metal Particles.”

Essentially the study says that Vaporizers aren’t safe because the metal of Atomizers (Coils) and Cartomizers(Tanks) made of metal leak metals. They tested 56 different Atomizers with airflow equivalent to a wisp at three different power settings and determined through a calculation based on the total average breaths a human takes in a day (17000.)

Essentially, by using kg/ug in relation to environmental standards for a whole days worth of breathing, the study essentially shows the effects of a burning-out coil due to lack of any meaningful airflow; if you huffed the results of a likely, almost on FIRE coil ALL DAY LONG EVERYDAY (17000 Breaths worth.)

But, other than the lack of airflow, improper calculations with the inherent flaw that even with proper airflow, NOBODY is huffing 17000 puffs on ANY VAPORIZER IN A DAY. The average by all studies in regards to standard use of E-Cigarettes as a cessation tool mostly out of the UK — whom have accepted E-Cigs as a medically accepted form of cessation shows 200 – 400 puffs, maximum in a mass majority of vapers.

Such standardization failures are:

  • Of the 56 Atomizers, none are specified, nor the device setup used to power them. Proper, full stainless steel Tanks and RDA’s CANNOT LEAK METALS. This CAN occur in cheap Chinese Knock-Offs as they use a lesser form of steel containing more Brass and ETC, reputable full stainless steel Atomizers however can handle the temperatures without any leaking occuring. You would need a Plasma Cutter’s heat to get these results.
  • Specifics of The Coil Metal, or really any information on the Coils construction, wrap amounts,
    how the cotton was wicked, ETC. Are absent from the study. For instance, the study cites that there was “lead and zinc” being leaked, but Kanthal and most standard Coil Metals DO NOT CONTAIN ANY LEAD OR ZINC in their composition and NEITHER DO GOOD QUALITY ORIGINAL ATOMIZERS MADE OF PROPER MATERIALS! Which brings up the question if they just used some form of Fence Wiring as a Coil and just called it the same thing.Proper materials would make these results impossible.Some people cite “Solder Joins” and other things possibly causing this, but this isn’t possible either as Wound Coils of Kanthal, Stainless Steel, ETC, are not soldered in any shape or form. Standard Wires are just pure strands of material to a certain AWG (Gauge / Diameter.) Nowhere does anybody with any knowledge suggest you use Coils or Wires you made and glued together yourself with Toxic Solder… Nowhere! Nobody!


This study did however tell us a few things: More Research needs to be done with better standardization for accurate, scientific results.

But, more importantly the skewed writings of these studies we are getting are seemingly ignoring basic common sense and truth in favor of pointing fingers.

We at EZ-Vape Canada, and myself as a Writer and Vaper can safely say that E-Cigs are a Harm Reduction Method. They aren’t HARMLESS. They are LESS HARMFUL.

And these studies themselves in comparison to the Metals Found In Traditional Cigarettes shows again, with proper Airflow, Materials, Atomizers and proper standardization it’s likely the same story as Diacetyl.

And again, it’s being packaged with misinformation and a lack of scrutiny. Another good point being: the metal contamination amounts even in this flawed studies by FDA standards are below levels in the public water you drink from the tap daily.

The only thing this study found is that… Yes, Metals and heat cause mild leaking of composition… If it’s not a proper Atomizer, if it’s not a proper Coil Material… If there’s so little airflow to cool the metal that you aren’t even vaping anymore.

However, hopefully like Diacetyl and the wildfire the media created with that — the producers of Atomizers and the Market of Vaporizer Products reduces even further the possibility of complications and continues to lean to the “Harm Reduction” side of vaping and do away with lesser quality Atomizers and Chinese Knock-Offs.

Just like E-Juice and E-Liquid Producers decided to stop using Diacetyl as a flavouring all together, despite it being EVERYWHERE in HIGHER CONCENTRATIONS IN FOOD, LET ALONE CIGARETTES!

Some outside Analysis by accredited doctors has shown that to get meaningful metal contamination one would need to vape upwards of 100mL a day and even then, the contamination would still be well below the standards for heavy metals in Tap Water!

But even these results are to be taken with a grain of salt. Vaporizers continue to evolve and it’s showing to be a positive alternative.

You can Read the Original Study Here.

Please, stay informed, don’t take our word for it. Do your own research and form your own opinions. Regulations and different Government Bodies are putting ever increasing pressure in North America on E-Cigs with scant and skewed studies such as this and citing it as evidence for Vaporizers being “Unhealthy.”

When again, even if true; is technically more healthy than most Tap Waters and many times healthier in comparison to a Traditional Cigarette when you compare even this skewed study.

Another somewhat opinionated blog post from the EZ-Vape Web Team! Stay up to date with the latest Vaporizer and E-Cigarette News. Right here at EZ-Vape.