Hello everyone, here at EZ-Vape we have made some large changes to the site and soon a few new updates of the in-store promotional material.

We hope these changes that we have made to the Vape 101 Pages helps clear up some of the common questions. We knew it needed an update and we went and created a much better tutorial explaining everything you need to know before buying your first vaporizer and the different options available.

And we hope you enjoy some of the new, eye-catching changes to our Website! (www.ezvape.com)

Vape 101 Page Changes

Various changes have been made to the Vape 101 Pages and the entire concept has been updated to reflect vaping in 2018.

We expanded the original Vape 101 Guide by separating it into two separate guides and a Vape 101 Landing Page that describes the introductory information one would want when learning about what a vaporizer / e-cigarette is.

A part of the Vape 101 changes includes the expanded Salt Nicotine Page in the Vape 101 Guide.

This explains what Salt Nicotine is, and the basic differences of filling different devices and today’s options in 2018 with a new updated visual design making it easy to understand for anyone to read!

We updated the original guide to go over a few more modern topics and to include a section on Ohms Law itself.

With the Salt Nicotine Guide leading into the original guide that has been updated and split into multiple parts it allows you to easily dip your toes into the concept and leaving the complicated matters for later.

New Animations, New Age Verification, New Looks!

We have updated the aesthetics and some of the navigation features of the site. We also updated our Age Verification with a custom made one that is more device-compatible.

You can expect cleaner, neater rowed pages and various visual changes we hope you find appealing!

Captcha Integration w/ Comments / Reviews Site Wide

We enabled Captcha on the site for comments and reviews because we were receiving a lot of spam comments as time went on.

We apologize if you have a problem with completing the Captcha. If you have a question and for whatever reason can’t ask via Facebook or our Website here, call your Local EZ-Vape!

Salt Nicotine is a large part of the current market with the JUUL owning over 70% of the vaping market space at the moment worldwide.

We’re big fans of it and have made a few Blog Posts such as This and This about the JUUL and it’s fantastic performance, portability and a convenience to use unlike any other.

We hope the changes we have made here will make it easier for everybody to understand a bit better how vaporizers work in our new stripped down yet expanded Vape 101 sections.

We have more new products and the latest news on the hottest new vaporizer products around the corner cooking. This has been a short little update on our Website here at EZ-Vape!