Tobacco Flavours

Our Cirrus Tobacco Flavours come in quite a few different Flavours. We have tried our best to make each of these recipes for different tastes with Savory Blends like Cowboy Suzy Tobacco and Turkish Tobacco.

To more Classic Tobacco Flavours such as RY4 Tobacco, 555 Tobacco, American Tobacco and the beloved Canadian Tobacco Flavours. With special Flavours like Desert Ship Tobacco (Caramel Dessert Tobacco)Blue Bacco (Blueberry Tobacco) sprinkled throughout.

Whether you are new to vaping and trying to quit cigarettes, or you’ve just got a thing for old memories of the past. There’s a Tobacco Flavour for YOU!

We make all of our House Lines Viscosity (VG/PG Ratio) based on their FLAVOUR! To give the most satisfying, accurate experience and below is a chart representing our colour coded lid system based on Nicotine Strength.


ALL Cirrus Flavours are Available in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg Nicotine Strengths.

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