Discontinued Juices

Discontinued Juices: We have stopped stocking these juices in our stores but they may still be available at your local EZ-Vape in small, if any quantities.

There are limited quantities at locations while supplies last only and are not guaranteed to be available, most of these products are unlikely to become stocked again as we rather stock newer, better items.

Nothing can be worse than enjoying something and it going out of production. We have all felt that pain, we assure you however that you WILL DEFINITELY find a new favorite.

We also want to remind you that no matter who you are; at some point the same old flavour is going to get boring for you.

Recipes and lines of products are constantly changing. For us when we see this list of items — it really shows how far we have come and how diverse the vaping market is.

Occasionally brands decide to reintroduce a similar recipe in newer lines. So if you really must have “that one” keep an eye out on the respective brands media platforms and our Newsletter. But again, this is UNLIKELY.

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