Ultra E-Liquid

Made By Adrenochrome Labs Inc. we are excited to offer this low-sweetener line of unique and interesting Flavours on our Premium Menu here at EZ-Vape!

New for 2018 we are proud to be serving Adrenochrome’ freshest: The Ultra Chrome line, a new set of flavours to add to the original Ultra E-Liquid lineup.

Ultra Chrome is a low-sweetener line with many new exciting and unique flavours that prove to be a fantastic set of additions to the original line.

A Description From Adrenochrome Labs Inc. on their Original Ultra E-Liquid Line:

Ultra E-Liquid was designed to tantalize your tastebuds and keep your coils clean. During our sample study we took all considerations from industry leaders and customers alike when choosing the final recipe for this brand.

With that we can be assured that our custom formulations are unique and we know you will love them. Using USP Kosher Certified VG & USP grade PG you know that our products will always be made to the highest quality in the industry.

Backed by Adrenochrome Labs Inc. based in Victoria, British Columbia you can be guaranteed quality and great customer service. We stand behind every product we make and always put our customers first.

Ultra E-Liquid complies with Canada’s CCCR 2001 labelling requirements. This means you can be assured our products will always be on the shelf no matter what regulations come. We are also proud to announce we use CFR and GCC certified bottles. This ensures safety to the user to be sure that the bottles are childproof.

We are taking big leaps forward for the Vaping Industry and we hope you enjoy this fantastic product!

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