Cirrus (Salt Nicotine)

Our popular, Custom Regular Nicotine House Blends In The Cirrus Line have received a twist with new delicious recipes for those looking for a Salt Nicotine House Blend.

Classic flavours from the original lineup have received extensive retooling to taste great in slightly higher PG ratios for Salt Nicotine Devices and a few new flavours we are sure many of you will love are making their first appearance!

Please do not sub-ohm these juices, like all Salt Nicotine E-Juices, it is only to be vaped with coils 1.0Ω or ABOVE (Unless otherwise stated for a device.)

Again, like the original Cirrus line, the VG/PG is tailored for every flavour. One may be + or – VG (by a small fraction,) — a Fruit flavour for instance usually is slightly higher PG than say a Dessert Flavour.

Available in 24mg, 36mg, 48mg with a Baseline of 70/30 VG/PG ratios with unique differing viscosity — flavour to flavour.

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