Replacement Pods

These are for exclusive use of Cartridge based devices such as the Smok Nord or older Aspire Breeze 2.0.

They are proprietary forms of tanks that either are Reusable Pods / Cartridges w/ Disposable Coils | OR | Disposable & Replaceable Cartridges entirely that either last one fill or anywhere from 3 – 5 fills depending on juice.

Predominantly for Salt Nicotine, but it is VERY useful to buy multiple Cartridges even if they are infinitely reusable for the option of vaping different juices whenever you want without having to switch or waste juice.

Or to curve your nicotine down slowly by going from Salt Nicotine slowly into Regular Nicotine using the appropriate Regular Nicotine Coils.

If you are confused, Visit Any EZ-Vape Location for a hands-on explanation and read the Vape 101 Guide for the differences of Regular Nicotine and Salt Nicotine.

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