JUUL V3 (Standalone Device)

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Colour: Black.
 Direct Output
Internal Battery mAh: 200mAh
Cartridge: 0.7mL Disposable JUULpods (Not Included.)

The JUUL V3 is the newest in the original innovative salt nicotine lineup. The JUUL V3 uses fully disposable, NON-REFILLABLE JUULpods — making the JUUL V3 the easiest, most beginner friendly kit available on the market. No coil changing, no juice refilling, no priming; simply take the empty pod off and put a new one in its place and draw from it. Specially designed to fit perfectly in any kind of pocket and has a very unique USB charge deck, the JUUL V3 is all the vapour without any fuss!

Note: Consider also purchasing a Charging Case if you are the kind of person to lose pods/chargers, they are incredibly convenient and not very expensive.

This is JUST THE JUUL V3 ALONE AND ONE CHARGING DECK! Pods are not included.


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