Here at EZ-Vape we have been offering the popular All Day Vapor line and Angel E-Liquid that are available in “Salt Nicotine” Versions and Nicotine strengths.

In our F.A.Q we have a question titled “Is Vaping Really Safer than Smoking?” That we highly suggest you read if you have that question in your mind.

Now, Salt Nicotine or Salt Nic E-Juices and E-Liquids are yes, very concentrated going up to 30mg and beyond, but these are only for NON-SUBOHM Tanks, RBA/RDA/RDTA setups and in many ways might be a healthier way to vape when used PROPERLY.

You see, with high concentrations and the different taste that Salt Nicotine has it’s very efficient when used in a tiny device, you use very little juice, vape very little (Reducing damage from heat and some of the side complications with chain vaping. [Vaping repeatedly over and over without a break / not having a satisfying nicotine strength for that person resulting in the latter.])

Not to mention because you use little juice at a low power with a high ohm coil, you save quite a bit on coils, space in your pocket and more importantly; save more money on juice!

It’s also great for beginners because it’s more similar with a more restrictive airflow, smaller device to that of a Analog Cigarette and because of the concentration, mouth-to-lung inhale and small clouds, gives you a bit more of a Zippy experience.

Some devices you could use with Salt Nic E-Juices and E-Liquids right out of the box:

Or, with some experimentation and a high ohm coil (1.2Ω+) or micro RBA/RDA/RDTA coil setup and a low power, you can convert your smaller tanks you currently have.

But please, don’t ever vape Salt Nic like you would a Normal Liquid Nicotine E-Juice or E-Liquid. You will get a headache, you will feel bad, it will not go well and we do not recommend anybody overdoing it with Salt Nicotine. Let alone going REALLY over board vaping in general; Salt Nic or not!

Use it Properly, use a small / high ohm device on a low power and Salt Nicotine just might become your new favorite thing, many people who enjoy Normal setups are moving to Salt Nicotine and smaller devices.

You save pocket space, money on coils, wick and juice, the newer small devices are extremely convenient to charge on the go and use very little power to vape and offer optional battery PCCs for extended life.

Another Article written by the EZ-Vape Web Team (Metric Web Design Inc.) in response to a few customers who have asked what the advantages and applications are of Salt Nic!