Salt Nicotine E-Juice | A New JUUL Competitor? (January 2019)

January of 2019 has been a busy, busy time for us here at EZ-Vape and we have another new Salt Nicotine Device that combats the JUUL!

The JUUL is no longer the only pre-filled pod system offered at our locations, we now also have the larger, more conventional STLTH Starter Kit.

The STLTH has taken many of the positives of the JUUL but improved upon many key features.

From having more battery life, more power, more juice in each pod and having a more universal (micro-USB) charging port over the JUUL’s proprietary charger.

Build quality is also no slouch; with the STLTH feeling pretty solid despite it’s size. The unique texture to the STLTH makes it very comfortable, and just like the JUUL, the STLTH uses a draw-to-fire system.

Simply inhale and the device automatically fires.

But what about the Pre-Filled Pods? How do they match up to JUUL’ Flavours? Well, we are happy to say they hold up pretty well.

The pods are available in two different MG strengths of 35mg or 50mg and come in four unique Flavours:

  • Berry Blast – a fabulous mixture of raspberries, strawberries and other exotic berries. (A bit deeper than the JUUL’ fruit blend.)
  • Honeydew Menthol – a mixture of ripe honeydew melon with freezing cold menthol. (Unique and light.)
  • Mango – Tropical ripe mango nectar infused with just the right amount of sweetness. (Again, a bit deeper than the JUUL’ Mango.
  • Tobacco Blend – Medium blend tobacco flavor. (Slightly more bold than the JUUL’ Tobacco Blend.)

On the whole, the STLTH Pods are a bit deeper, more savory than the JUULPods. It’s really a personal preference as they are atleast as good as the JUULPods, and the fact you get an extra 1.3mL per pod over the JUUL makes it a bit more affordable.

The option of a lower 35mg nicotine strength is also very welcome for those who feel 50mg is a bit too much for them. Overall, the STLTH is a pretty decent contender against the JUUL.

So let’s take a look at the kit as a whole below!

Colours: Black, Rose Gold, Grey, Navy Blue (All Colours include a single 35mg Berry Blast flavoured pod.)
Controls: Direct Output
Internal Battery mAh: 420mAh
Cartridge: 2.0 mL Disposable STLTH Pods

A new way to vape without the mess, coils or refills. Simple, satisfying and stealth is practical for everyday usage by adult smokers looking for a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

This Kit Contains:

  1. STLTH Device
  2. Berry Blast STLTH Pod (2.0 mL / 35mg) x 1
  3. USB Cable x 1
  4. Manual & Warranty Card

When you look at the JUUL next to the STLTH it’s pretty easy to see from the specs that the STLTH contends and for some — it’s a downright better system.

The only negative of the STLTH is it doesn’t have any convenient charging case options like the JUUL does, and thus we suggest a power bank.

It’s exciting to see what happens with these Pre-Filled Pods into 2019 as it’s the newest and biggest vaping trend — still going strong. It’s always great to see new innovations and improvements come out in vaping.

This has been another look at a product from the EZ-Vape Web Team! 2019 is looking to be another great year for vaping with fantastic innovations constantly happening.

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