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Smok Trinity Alpha Salt Nicotine Kit

Everything In The Kit:

Smok Trinity Alpha Device x 1
Smok Trinity Alpha Reusable Pod/Cartridge x 1
0.6Ω Smok NORD Mesh Coil x 1
0.8Ω Smok NORD Mesh-MTL Coil x 1
Micro USB Cable x 1

The Boring Stats:

Colours: Rainbow Prism, Chrome Prism, Bright Black
Controls: Three Power Settings Up To 30W
Internal Battery mAh: 1000mAh
Cartridge: Reusable 2.8 mL w/Disposable Coils

The Smok Trinity Alpha uses Smok Nord Coil Heads, giving you a wide variety of choices and greater compatibility as the Smok Nord is a very popular Vaporizer in its own right.

510 Mouthpiece Compatibility

Not only is the Smok Trinity Alpha compatible with Smok NORD Coils, it is also fully compatible with any of your 510 Mouthpieces. Big, Small — Short or Long. With the Smok Trinity Alpha, you can use any 510 Drip Tip you would like.


The Smok Trinity Alpha is an All-In-One System using a Reusable Pod/Cartridge and replaceable Smok NORD Coil Heads. It’s very similar in shape and form as the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go but a bit smaller and more pocket-friendly with a more moderate price point and performance that doesn’t melt your face off and over-nic you.

The nice thing about this Salt Nicotine Kit in comparison to many others is the ease of changing the pod/cartridge and how easy it is in comparison with older setups like the Aspire Breeze 2.0. From, adjusting airflow to just refilling, it’s all very simple with the Smok Trinity Alpha.


Overall, the Smok Trinity Alpha is a great little system with a lot of compatibility in a convenient form factor.

The price-point is right, and the NORD Coils ensure your ability to use this setup for a very long time. It’s got the capacity, cartridge design and substantial battery to be a very convenient setup for a mass majority of vapers.

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