Here at EZ-Vape we are constantly trying to update our stock in our warehouse and many many Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada.

With products like the JUUL rising and gaining dominance or the many variants of the Pod/Cartridge Vaporizer design, the performance for the dollar is very high with a lot of options of Salt Kits coming in even with Juice sub $100.00.

Subsequent Pods / Salt Nicotine Juice is very, very inexpensive in comparison to Regular Nicotine Devices and Regular Nicotine Juice (Simply because it requires much higher power requirements — and you need to vape much more regular nicotine juice to get an effect/cloud.)

So a lot of vapers wonder “But what if I want THE BEST?!”

And we have a new, exciting Salt Nicotine Device to show you that is every bit of luxury you want:

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Kit is at this very moment, the most high-performing Pod System Kit that is on the market.

February 2019

There is too much to like about the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go, it has three power settings (up to the equivalent of 40W in a proprietary 3-setting Temperature Controlled Firing System) and has forgone a screen entirely for a Smart DNA GO Chip from Evolv.

The build quality is some of the highest we have seen with REAL Carbon Fibre side panels and fantastic quality metal. The design is also incredibly attractive, everything from the brushed and rounded sides to the incredibly sturdy rails that ensure a good connection of contacts at all times.

It is also one of the first Salt Nicotine Pod/Cartridge Systems to include a Replay Functionality, you can “replay” the same exact hit every time by saving the most recent pull by holding down the button. The Orion will remember and only fire the exact same way when you fire until you change power settings to one of the three pre-set ones.

This IS primarily a Salt Nicotine Device.
BUT — it’s powerful enough with the 0.25Ω Pods/Cartridges to do a very nice Mouth-to-Lung experience with Regular Nicotine without a reduction in flavour!

We suggest using the 0.5Ω for Salt Nicotine and not to exceed a 75/25 VG/PG ratio, the 0.25Ω is more tailored to Regular Nicotine.

The reason the sub-ohm coils are SAFE with Salt Nicotine is that the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go uses a very special Temperature Controlled Firing System that prevents a good portion of the coil-gunking and prevents hot spots, juice boiling and hotspots common. The coils are special and unlike other pods despite it being a sub-ohm coil.

But we will warn you, the Orion HAULS more than ANY OTHER POD! For many users, they may want to reduce to 12 – 24mg Salt Nicotine. It’s so smooth, most people end up vaping more!

From the feel when you first pick the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go up– from the consistent firing to the LARGE 950mAh battery and the unparalleled flavour it provides. We’re confident to say it’s probably the best pod system that isn’t a custom device available right now in terms of performance and quality.

Why the Orion?

  • Brings the usually ‘reserved only for enthusiast’: Temperature Controlled Firing Systems found on large mods usually only used by people who build their own mech boxes for Salt Nicotine.
  • The system makes the already large 950mAh battery last much longer as it only uses enough power to fire to temperature rather than a power level (watts).
  • It makes the 3 mL Pods last much longer as the system constantly checks the temperature of the coil; increasing durability. (4 – 6 Refills can be achieved with a thinner juice!)
  • No Hotspots, no chance of coil burn.
  • Fantastic Quality Materials; every piece. Down to the real carbon fibre side panels.
  • Fully Adjustable Pods that come with full-sized chimneys, incredible amounts of cotton and the highest performing coils in a Pod System to date.
  • Unique “Replay” functionality; if you liked the last pull you can set the device to “Replay” EXACTLY the same cloud; every time. This allows a level of customizability outside the standard three settings; almost infinitely so.
  • The refilling experience of the Refillable, Disposable Pods is very solid, no loose feeling gaskets, no leaking, no mess, no gurgling!
  • Overall Design is just downright GENIUS with every little detail thought of just about, the hand-feel is great and it is impossible to starve the Pod of Airflow!

There really isn’t much not to like. It’s a luxurious, powerful device with fantastic materials and an equally fantastic design. It really is at the moment the best device for Salt Nicotine.

There are a few different versions of the Orion, the one we are displaying here is the ORIGINAL DNA Go (in partnership with Evolv) which is in our opinion: the superior version at this present time.

It has the highly regarded creators (Evolv) of the world-famous DNA Chipsets behind it, and coil options/adjustability the other versions lack, this is also the highest end one with newer Orion versions taking away features rather than adding them to try to cut costs.

And that’s just not what we’re about here at EZ-Vape, so we bring you the highest-end version.
(This Lost Vape Orion “DNA GO!”)

This Kit Contains:

  • Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Device
  • 0.25Ω Ohm
    (Cloud/Regular Nicotine) Orion Pod x 1
  • 0.50Ω Ohm
    (Flavour/Salt Nicotine) Orion Pod x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Lost Vape Orion Lanyard x 1
  • Manual & Warranty Card

Above is an image of an Orion DNA GO Pod/Cartridge and you can see for yourself it’s abundant cotton and the high quality of the materials at play here.

  • The fantastic design ensures one of the most secure Pod/Cartridge to Device connection of any of the Salt Nicotine Kits


  • The chimney is large, with an unblockable adjustable airflow tract.


  • The clouds are smooth, the performance is superb.


You can visit any of our Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada  — and get a one-on-one tour of this luxurious beast! It’s a fantastic product that has the capacity, power and most of all the quality of a premium product.