Here at EZ-Vape we are constantly trying to update our stock in our warehouse and many many Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada and we have recently got in one of the nicest Herbal Vaporizer products we have on offer: The Pax 3!

The Pax 3 Complete Herbal Kit has a comprehensive list of features, but the big question is
But what makes it better than the rest?
a TL;DR is:

Fast Heat-Up

(20-Seconds from 0 to Clouds! [360 – 420°F / 182 – 215°C])

Large All-Day Battery

(3500mah, 90-Minute Charge Time)

Accurate to the Degree

(Lots of Modes, Fully Customizable Temperatures)

The Most Convenient Vaporizer

(Easy to load both Loose Leaf Herbs and Concentrates — It’s Powerful & Convenient)

Hey tho, before you go running down the street to get one, we’re going to go into more details about what you get, how it works and give you an idea of exactly why The Pax 3 is one of the best-selling, highly reviewed Herbal Vaporizers available today!

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What You Get With A Pax 3 Complete Kit

Everything In The Kit:

Pax 3 Device x 1
Pax 3 “Full-Pack Lid” x 1
Pax 3 “Half-Pack Lid” x 1
Pax 3 “Concentrate Lid” x 1
Pax 3 Screens x 2
Pax 3 Flat Mouthpiece x 1
Pax 3 Raised Mouthpiece x 1
Cleaning Kit x 1
Pax 3 Cloth Device Bag x 1
Pax 3 Magnetic Charging Dock x 1
Pax Poker/Packer Keychain Tool x 1

Everything about the packaging and accessories for the Pax 3 is thought-out. Check out some of our Notes below:


Mouthpieces & Oven Lids
With both classic like The Pax 2 Flat Mouthpiece (Discreet), and the Raised Mouthpiece (A little cooler on the lips.) The Pax 3 is also compatible with most third-party attachments that were for The Pax 2.

Also included are multiple different “Oven Lids” — The Concentrate Lid, (Self Explanatory.) Half-Pack Lid, (For half-filling the Oven for single person Herb use.) and Full-Pack Lid, also called just an “Oven Lid” for filling the Oven fully with Herbs.

Useful Keychain Tool
You also get the ingeniously machined Keychain Poker/Packer Tool, this is the perfect size and shape of a pick and packer for you to:

A. Take the modular pieces apart such as the Mouthpiece with the pick for cleaning, etc.
B. Mix/Flip your Bowls.
C. Easily reload — the stomper/packer is the perfect roundness for the Oven for tightly packing your Herbs.

It’s a great little addition that turns out to be actually quite useful and more efficient than using your finger or keys to do so with a much tighter, easier packing/flipping/mixing/unpacking experience.

Good Charging Deck
The Charging Deck for The Pax 3 is fully Magnetic and will Charge The Pax 3 fully in 90-Minutes.

It’s a nice compact length with a flat USB cable that is compatible with various wall chargers, and powered USB sockets such as those in your Laptop or Computer.

Extra Goodies
The Pax 3 also includes a Cleaning Kit that includes various Pipe Cleaners and a very nice Pax branded carrying bag for your Pax 3.

It’s nice to see that they have exact-size cleaners and the bag is again, an exact, tight-fit.

First Steps & The Pax App

The very first step when you first get your Pax is to read the very intuitive leaflets.

The Pax 3 has a single button in the Mouthpiece for turning the unit on/off and when not paired with the Pax App, also controls Four non-app settings:

(Green) 1 Leaf = 360F / 182C
(Yellow) 2 Leafs = 380F / 193C
(Orange) 3 Leafs = 400F / 204C
(Red) 4 Leafs = 420F / 215C

The VERY first thing to do out of the box is to FULLY CHARGE the unit and you should definitely follow the leaflet instructions.

That tells you to crank the temperature up to the max and let it just sit 4 times before you start using the unit, this is to ensure any gunk from shipping, etc is gone.

(It will shut itself off, or once it enters it’s “Cooling” phase and pulses blue, you can simply shake the unit to get it to continue.)

At this point, you can download The Pax App on your IOS/Android device and pair your unit with the App, we also suggest going to and registering your device for your 10-Year Warranty!!!

Pairing with the app is simple as it could be, there is an on-screen tutorial, but essentially you name your device, shake it a little bit and that’s really all there is to unlock the full capabilities of your Pax 3!

The use of another device for settings really allows The Pax 3 to be as small as it is — yet so powerful.

Once you have paired, the main menu looks like such, with the top section being the current status, upper right-hand corner is the Pax 3’s current battery level.

Further down you find some convenient Tutorials and the ability to switch Games and App Settings like Celsius or Farenheit in the dropdown.

You can tap into the Status section at the top to get to the various different Modes and to manually adjust temperatures to the degree.

Note: If you are using Concentrates with the Concentrate Lid, mostly you will be using the Boost Mode!

Here are each of the Modes:

Of note is the Efficiency mode, which is for dry-herb and it’s automatic temperature ramping. This allows you to without having to change the settings yourself, slowly go from 190 up to 215C (Or if you want, any temperature slowly +15C over time.)

To enjoy the full spectrum of your material, and extract as much as possible.

Other than special modes like Stealth and Efficiency, the modes are not Temperature settings as much as they are actually, well, modes!

These modes affect the way the Draw Boosting (more power when you are inhaling.) and Auto-Cooling (When the Draw Boosting gets above a threshold, the unit will cool down or — if it hasn’t moved in 30 seconds it will also begin to Auto-Cool.)

Auto-Cooling saves a lot of material when you aren’t actively wanting a puff — and prevents waste.

You see, The Pax 3 is really impressive with having multiple states and many features. It’s much smarter than just on/off. Vibration feedback for when it changes states is solid. (For example, it will vibrate to let you know it’s entered “Heating” and again once it has entered the “Ready” state.)

There are indicators for when the Pax 3 is in a certain state as such:




And at any time, you can slide left or right to increase or decrease the target temperature in every mode, and the ability to adjust the temperature and the profile modes for the Auto-Cooling and Draw Boost features gives you a very wide range of customizability.

For instance, you can adjust the Mode to “Flavor” for its constant Auto-Cooling and heavy Draw Boost and increase the temperature above the recommended ones for the Flavor Mode to have a vaping experience where you only produce strong vapour when you are actually drawing.

Many combinations and the ability to personalize the temperature accurately really makes The Pax 3 shine.

Cleaning & Maintenance

So, The Pax 3 basically heats up in the blink of an eye and you can vape any dang way you could want to with it, anywhere. But, as with all Herbal Vaporizers, there is no escaping the fact:

Resins stick to stuff!

Luckily, with The Pax 3, unlike the older Pax 1 or other small Dry-Herb Vaporizers — it’s really easy to clean.

It’s really quite simple after you notice the edges of the screen in the oven are clogged with vaped material you pop off the mouthpiece to reveal the tube that goes to the Oven.

Simply insert a pipe cleaner down the tube, this will also pop the screen out. One or two pulls through the tube, a cotton swab to clean the oven out and you pop the screen back in, the mouthpiece back on and you are good to go, clean as new!

(It’s so simple, the only piece you may need Isopropyl Alcohol is for the screen itself, but we have found this isn’t required.)

The screens aren’t conventional mesh screens but stainless steel plates — with proper care, and when it’s this simple to care for with the occasional cleaning being the only maintenance other than charging required, it’s really simple.

The Pax 3 Review Verdict

It heats up the fastest that I, the blogger have ever experienced and I firmly believe The Pax 3 is the best Dry-Herb Vaporizer available today.

The easy loading, the immense amount of power for being so small, the easy charging and the unlimited ways of adjusting its performance makes it perfect for on the couch, or out in the world.

The convenience factor has made me mostly not even be interested in Whip-Style Vaporizers. The sure convenience, ease of cleaning and reliable durability backed up by a 10-Year Warranty has me, personally convinced.

The Concentrate experience is not the best, nor as good as say a specialized for concentrate device, but it doesn’t leak and if you prefer low-temperature concentrate use and flavour, it’s a very decent experience. But it’s not that “Dab” experience.

For that, get a Yocan Magneto or similar specialized high-temperature concentrate vaporizer (Those things absolutely rock too!)

But, for Dry-Herb and I’ve been trying Herbal Vaporizers for years — from the Silver Surfer to Arizer Products like the Arizer Solo, The The Pax 3 by Pax Labs, Inc. has won me over.

Whether I’m on the couch wanting to have a few sessions in a row or I’m on the go and need a quick cloud, waiting more than half a minute to me to start vaping is an eternity now. If I somehow broke mine, I’d buy another pretty much immediately.

I just can’t find another product with such a fast heating speed that still has such good quality vapour.

The Pax 3 delivers the speed, performance and satisfaction with a battery that can handle 6 – 8 sessions depending on your temperatures and how long you actually have the unit on — and I mean from colourful vibrant material to as dark brown to black as you personally like to vape.

The Pax 3 had and still has a lot of hype behind it, and there’s a serious reason for that:

The Pax 3 is no joke, it’s solid with a solid company behind it and is worth every penny. The material savings is very high and the device is likely to stand-up to years and years of use, and if a problem arises Pax Labs, Inc. gives everybody a 10-Year Warranty.

Hopefully, you learned a bit about The Pax 3 and why we are so proud to have them available now at every one of our Locations across Canada. Be careful, it’s small but powerful!

Pax App Update: April 23rd, 2019

There have been a few updates over the last few weeks for the Pax App — it’s mostly just an aesthetic change.

It’s been a few months since the reviewer has had their Pax 3 and they still think it is fantastic.

The previously separate page where you change settings and etc has changed into an overlay tab.

You can visit any of our Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada  — and get cloud-chasing today with the best selection in Canada!