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We wanted to go over Refillable J-Pods and the freedom they offer people with the popular JUUL system with how to try out various flavours. And also go over a few “Upgrade Paths” for you if you find you want a different vaporizing experience in the future.

December 2018

Made specifically for the JUUL they come EMPTY and have a Filling Hole for putting your own Salt Nicotine E-Juices inside!

Unlike the traditionally Pre-Filled JUULpods these allow you to fill them with your own juice (Salt Nicotine! We do not suggest thick juice or very low nicotine concentrations with a JUUL.)

These give you the freedom of selecting what flavour you want and lets you start to control the nicotine strength (12mg+) of your e-juice!

This is a fantastic way of testing various juices and flavours of Salt Nicotine E-Juices.

For many, the JUUL with J-Pods is the perfect system and might always be the ONLY device they need. But, at some point you may want to upgrade for a few reasons:

  • Wanting a different draw / adjustable airflow (The JUUL lacks this!)

  • Wanting more battery life / exchangeable batteries

  • Wanting more power / wanting to enjoy better more complex flavours with regular nicotine

  • You want to save money by only having to buy coils / refillable cartridges that are more durable and more reusable than the J-Pods (3 – 4x refills of more juice — over the few fills you would get with a J-Pod)

What Vaporizer / E-Cigarette Setup Should I Upgrade To From The JUUL?

The above stated reasons and for people who find they really enjoy vaping and want a more flavorful experience, upgrading — or a better way of looking at it complimenting your JUUL, with a Regular Nicotine E-Juice setup.

A lot of vapers enjoy both a small, easier to manage JUUL in their day to day activities taking advantage of small puffs of salt nicotine throughout the day and a regular nicotine vaporizer for at home / social gatherings for enjoyment and a different experience.

Below we go over a few different setups.

Regular Nicotine + JUUL / J-Pods

This is the most popular pairing. A sub-ohm (0.9 or below) coil in a large tank, either with an exchangeable battery box device or a device with an internal battery.

Exchangeable Battery Device + JUUL

Internal Battery Device + JUUL

Note: These are just examples of devices, there are many other brands and many other possible choices for various budgets and different vaping experiences!

Salt Nicotine All The Way (Salt Nicotine Device Upgrades)

A lot of people find they like salt nicotine and just want the quick, small clouds they provide but want even more battery life, flavour or just more power and reliability.

Viable Upgrade Salt Nicotine Devices (Cartridge / Coil Designs)

  1. Smok Novo Kit – A big cartridge upgrade and small just like the JUUL!
  2. Mi-Pod Kit – A big upgrade with a bit more chunk, but impressive cartridges and battery life over even the Novo.
  3. Aspire Spryte Kit – A COIL alternative with a reusable cartridge and replaceable cartridges, a much truer vape experience can be had with fantastic adjustable airflow.
  4. Aspire Breeze 2.0 Kit – A brother product to the Spryte, the Breeze 2.0 offers bigger, more durable coils than the Spryte with a few key differences and a “Cooler” vape.

Note: These are just example devices. There are a few other alternatives, but these are what we recommend you take a look at first.

For those who know there way around vaporizers a bit more, or simply want a more “Like Regular Nicotine Device” experience is pairing a tiny box mod with a smaller, usually older designed tank and coil that is 1.0 ohm or more (Ideally 1.2+.)

510 Device / Box + Salt Nicotine Tank

  • An Aspire K3 Tank – it’s an improvement to older design tanks but is a fantastic salt nicotine tank. It’s wide selection of 1.0+ coils work very well with salt nicotine.
  • Paired with a Eleaf iStick TC-40W – a 40W internal battery device.
  • OR
  • Eleaf iPower 80W (If you want more power to be able to use a wide variety of regular nicotine tanks aswell!
  • OR
  • Any other box — making sure to be firing at your coils suggested power levels.

There are also a classic option of Kit for these more traditional non-cartridge based salt nicotine setups.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Kit

  • Aspire Nautilus Mini Kit – A great older style tank with a wide variety of coils, a classic paired with a decent 510 battery.

Note: With these setups we suggest purchasing yourself a Power Bank they serve the same purpose as a charging case and allow you to charge your device on the go. Many of these devices support pass-thru so even if your device is dead, it can be charged and vaped at the same time via the Battery Bank.

If you travel, a Power Bank is a must.

Hopefully this helps a few of you decide and know what you are looking for in the “Next Level” of vaping if you really enjoy your JUUL.

Nothing is better for a vaper or someone wanting to cut down on their cigarette consumption during the holiday season than the gift of a vaporizer! Visit any of our EZ-Vape Locations across British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.