EZ-Vape Vape 101 Salt Nicotine Guide

Salt nicotine is the newest innovation in vaping with the idea of being a perhaps more efficient tool in aiding smoking cessation efforts and being more similar to a conventional cigarette. The devices that use this form of e-juice are small mouth-to-lung devices that use non-sub-ohm coils. (1.0Ω+)

Salt nicotine and their devices offer small, satisfying clouds with e-juice in high nicotine mg (milligram) strengths of 12 – 50mg with easy cleaning and coil changing cartridges/tanks. They include internal batteries and are specially tailored to work with salt nicotine.

Salt nicotine hits the bloodstream much quicker than regular liquid nicotine. This mixed with the higher nicotine concentrations allows for satisfaction with only a few puffs. Regular liquid nicotine and devices that use it usually require many large puffs for equal satisfaction.


With salt nicotine devices, the main things to look for is:

  • Comfort: A comfortable grip for you and a size that makes sense to carry in your day-to-day life.
  • Cartridge / Tank Capacity: How many mL’s (millilitres) of e-juice the cartridge can hold. Having more capacity means less filling throughout the day.
  • Battery mAh (Milliamp Hour): the higher the mAh of the internal battery, the less you will need to charge your device throughout a day.

This is entirely personal preference. The beauty of vaping is you can select from one of many different kinds of e-juice and even mix together your favourites and create combinations.

At the start, many enjoy a tobacco flavour or a menthol tobacco flavour. But for some, they might not enjoy these flavours in a vaporizer. Even some of the best e-juice in the world isn’t enjoyed by everybody. But hey, with all of the selections available today you shouldn’t settle for anything but for what YOU LIKE!

If you can’t decide, e-juice and replacement coils/cartridges are very cheap so we suggest getting a few different flavours and experimenting.

It’s usually best to start in the middle of the road with your first few bottles. Starting around 24mg is a good starting point — if it’s not quite satisfying enough increase towards 50mg with a 34mg. If it’s too strong, decrease to a 12mg.

Over time you can decrease quite easily with a vaporizer as you are cutting your addiction down to just nicotine and after a month or two of quitting conventional cigarettes many find it easy to change their nicotine mg strength.

Everybody is different and some like taking more puffs than others and it`s best to go with what feels right.


With your salt nicotine mouth-to-lung device, there are two different kinds available. Changing your coil/cartridge and cleaning the vaporizer itself are the only maintenance(s) required. They differ slightly but are either one of the two:

  • A cartridge/tank that uses replaceable coils (You only replace coil heads.)
  • A cartridge that is fully disposable after it is used/refilled a few times.

Disposable Coils

Disposable Cartridges

These systems use a disposable, replaceable coil system where when your coil degrades you simply swap in a new coil. This is commonly something you do once every two weeks — or 3 – 4 refills; depending on use. You only dispose of and replace the coil itself, NOT the cartridge that acts as your “Juice Tank”.

These systems use an entirely disposable cartridge. You simply replace the entire cartridge after either the cartridge is done, or in the case of the mi-pod or other such devices that use an ENTIRELY disposable cartridge after 3 – 4 refills.

Salt Nicotine Options

There are quite a few options with mouth-to-lung devices. Some use replaceable coil systems and others have entirely disposable cartridges or cartridges that are refillable a few times before being disposable. (As shown above.) These are perfect for beginners and come with everything you need, providing fantastic performance.

Salt nicotine is made to work with only this style of smaller mouth-to-lung device. Putting salt nicotine into larger, more powerful devices made to work with regular liquid nicotine is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It will produce far too much nicotine for comfort and burn large coils out.

Our Suggestions for a First Vaporizer

The Aspire Spryte uses a non-disposable cartridge but a disposable replaceable coil system.

Coils last usually 3 – 4 refills of the cartridge/tank: Simply unscrew your old coil, insert a new one with a few drops of liquid in it and prime the coil.

The Mi-Pod uses refillable cartridges, they can be filled 3 – 4 times before becoming disposable.

Simply fill another cartridge and dispose of the old one.


The JUUL V3 uses pre-filled, fully disposable cartridges.

When a pod runs out of liquid/juice, simply replace the cartridge!

Device Details

Easy Device with Coil & Juice Options

Internal Battery mAh: 650mAh
Cartridge: 3.5 mL 100% Reusable Cartridge
Replace: Coil inside Cartridge

Easy Device with Freedom of Juice Options

Internal Battery mAh: 950mAh
Cartridge: Semi-reusable 2.0 mL Cartridges
Replace: Entire Cartridge after 3 – 4 refills

The Easiest Vaporizer Available

Internal Battery mAh: 200mAh
Cartridge: Non-refillable 0.7 mL Disposable Juulpods
Replace: Entire Cartridge when empty


All systems regardless of being a replaceable coil or fully replaceable cartridge require filling, other than certain one-use cartridge systems like the JUUL.

To do this, install and prime your coil and simply find the orange stopper on the above Aspire products or the designated “fill hole”.  Never fill from the mouthpiece or the chimney of your vaporizer and always have a coil installed or you may leak juice everywhere.

If in doubt, we show how to properly prime and install coils and refill your device when you purchase it at our stores if you forget and don’t feel confident, stop by any of our Store locations and simply ask.

Priming New Coils

All disposable, replaceable coil system using devices share the same priming process. Priming is getting a new dry coil wet and ready to be vaped, if you skip priming a new coil you will get dry hits and burn your coil out before you even start really vaping it.

Every system is a five-step process:

  • Take apart the tank/cartridge section
  • Take out / unscrew your old coil
  • Take your new coil and put 3 or so drops of e-juice / e-liquid INTO it
  • Screw the new coil/cartridge in to replace the old one
  • Without firing blow into your vape once and pull on your vape 2 – 3 times, bubbles will rise in the tank/cartridge

If you use a disposable, refillable pod system like with the Mi-Pod you can skip the first three steps and skip blowing in and go right to pulling and let the cartridge sit for 5 minutes.

A few notes:

  •  Some devices will use the coil to connect the glass and chimney together. With these, you may need to remove any juice in the tank before attempting to take it apart.

  • Always keep your tank FULL above the cotton of your coil to prevent dry hits and burn out at all times. (No, you cannot re-saturate a completely dried out coil It MUST stay wet for its ENTIRE LIFE!)

And that concludes the Vape 101 Salt Nicotine Guide, this is also the absolute basic knowledge of vaporizers in general. If you can understand these devices, you can understand Regular Nicotine Setups using pre-made coils, they work the same way as the Spryte does for instance but with controls.

Thanks for reading!

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