Here at EZ-Vape we like to try to inform people on Vaping, and this is a post from the A.Q (Advanced Questions) Section you can find on our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Page Here.

At the moment we have a few well known studies including; One Air Quality Study done by the U.S Government which found most vape shops air pollution levels at all times were well below workspace air quality limits and that there may be second-hand exposure to nicotine but, there are MUCH less toxins or combustion byproducts in second-hand or first-hand vapor!

Quote: “Our data indicate that exposure of bystanders to the chemicals in the exhaled e-cigarette aerosol, at the levels measured within our study, are below current regulatory standards that are used for workplaces or general indoor air quality. This finding supports the conclusions of other researchers that have stated there is no apparent risk to bystanders from exhaled e-cigarette aerosols.”

In comparison, a single Cigarette smoked in a closed room is MUCH over the U.S workspace air quality standards. This study shows even over time with multiple vapers in a room that it never even gets close to going over. With the study in mind, and the air quality standards in mind it brings up a question:

Why are E-Cigs being regulated the same way as Traditional Cigarettes? It’s this writers personal opinion that Big Tobacco and the acting Government bodies are afraid of changing and if they do, it’s not in the public’s best interest of health but profit. Just take a gander at their Advertising Expenditure. Look at this sheet from the NSRA. 

Good luck figuring out the total gross profits of big tobacco companies or the industry. No really, it’s just about impossible. But, back on the topic of if Vaping is really safer than Smoking:


There are also other studies showing that E-Cigs usually deliver less nicotine than traditional cigarettes, even in very high nicotine MG concentrations because the nicotine in vaporizers are perhaps taken easier due to the lack of reconstituted tobacco and the other chemicals used to make it that are in traditional cigarettes that give the user extra “Zip.”

Vaporizing doesn’t produce even in comparison the combustive substances a cigarette does and mostly produces large water particles much like steam and produces little to no tar with PROPER COIL CHANGING AND RE-BUILDING!

And the E-Juice that is used usually only contains FOUR things: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Food Grade Flavouring and Liquid or Salt Nicotine.

In Comparison to the thousands of different ingredients in Reconstituted Tobacco that is treated with Benzene, Formaldehyde and other Toxic Substances to make it pleasant to smoke. (It’s literally so bad they have to treat it or you’de vomit immediately. That’s how bad conventional cigarettes are for you!)

PG or Propylene Glycol: has been used since the 1950’s in the air systems at hospitals as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties with no known side-effects ever being seen other than in a very, very few 1/10 of the people who have Eczema of whom it may act as a mild irritant, it’s been widely documented to be safe for consumption and is used in Cosmetic Products, Food Products, Natural Vitamins and a lot of products you come in contact with everyday. (Look at any makeup product.)

VG or Vegetable Glycerin: has been used for a very, very long time. When vaporized it turns to simple sugars and produces much of the water vapor and is the ingredient that gives the “Cloud” to the vapor, its thick and sticky, VG is used again in all kinds of Cosmetic Products and very many Food Products, it’s just Vegetable Fats in a nutshell. You’ve eaten and drinken it thousands of times in your life.

Flavourings: for E-Liquids and E-Juices are all Food-Grade safe and you find them used in all manners of food and products in your daily life, they are usually non-gmo, vegan and vegetarian, gluten safe although some Dessert Flavours and Ice Cream / Milk flavours may contain gluten and are naturally derived.

Also, nut based / dessert flavourings MAY CONTAIN NUTS! If you have an allergy, stick to Plain Jane or a simple, single flavouring e-juice.

Nicotine: used in E-liquids and E-juices for E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers come in two forms, but the most common being Liquid which most Juice is, it’s totally sterile and synthetic that is a exact duplicate of natural nicotine (Not the same kind that is in Cigarettes because of their chemical treatments!) and is taken slower into the body and in some research has shown may only be as constricting on blood vessels as Caffeine. Their is another form in Salt Nicotine and this is much the same thing but it has a quicker absorbing rate than Liquid and is for low-power / Cigarette like Vaporizers.

When you Vape Properly, Maintain your Vaporizer and when in doubt get professional help at your Local EZ-Vape! Vaporizing perhaps is indeed a better alternative for you to help you quit, cut down and control your Nicotine intake! You can go to our Battery Safety and Vape 101 Page for detailed information on how vaporizers work. And for some reminders on why you should make the switch checkout the “Why Vape?” Page.

We aren’t here to condemn people for smoking. We’re all ex-smokers. I myself the writer used to smoke 2 – 3 packs of 100 size a day and couldn’t run up a hill if i tried to.

Adults may choose to do whatever they wish to and what they put in their bodies. We just want you to know there might be a better alternative. And vaporizers are perhaps the best harm-reduction method that is similar to smoking, so perhaps it’s the best alternative!

BUT That is for YOU to decide.