Squonk Mods, it’s a funny word “Squonk” but it’s the newest trend in vaporizers. For good reason, much like an RDTA in history, people have wondered: ‘How do i get more juice capacity with a big coil setup?’ 

Well, while an RDTA adds a tank section to an RDA that adds a couple mL, a Squonk Mod doesn’t add anything to the RDA / Atomizer end. It’s just a standard RDA!

Where things differ however is through a tube and a hollow 510 pin to the RDA attached to a custom fit bottle in the device itself you can pump the bottle and “Squonk” Liquid up into the Coils.

Pros to Squonking
  • With a Squonk, you Squonk your Juice up into your coils but — this also allows excess juice that isn’t sucked up by your wick to drip BACK into the Squonk bottle. Much less RDA Leaking happens with a Squonk!
  • It makes filling your connected Atomizer into a ONE-HAND OPERATION. Being able to Saturate and Vape in one hand without needing two hands to Drip or Fill!
  • Because you are much less likely to hit your coils dry with a Squonk and it has the ability to both Saturate your Wicks Quickly and Drain them Quickly, it leads to better Wick & Coil Life and less Boiling Juice Degrading your Setup and it’s Flavour.

It’s a genius and inventive way of getting a lot of capacity without increasing overall size, it also allows use with ANY 510 RDTA, RDA. And even some Tanks that fit the hollow 510 pin that allows the Squonking to work.

They work great and can allow you to go all day without needing to carry a bottle with you in a lot of situations and if you buy spare bottles you can fill, cap and bring a second full bottle with you to go even longer.

Squonks are unique, and we have the Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit for anybody to get into them, it comes with a Mechanical Squonk Box and a fitted RDA and everything you need to get Squonking!

This was a in-person question we get quite a bit at our stores we wanted to answer and it didn’t exactly feel right to just be a F.A.Q Question.

Again, this has been another Blog from EZ-Vape by the Web Team.

On a personal note; i really like the build quality and acrylic windows. I’ve used a few different squonks and the bottle material for these are probably the best i have ever felt.

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