We have just started offering Solace CBD E-Liquids which are a fantastic new alternative product for the ingestion of CBD and is not just a vaping E-liquid / E-Juice but a Topic and Oral Tincture!

It’s made with All Natural Flavouring and is 100% Naturally Non-GMO, Vegan Safe and Gluten Free!

We have grabbed some info from www.SolaceCBD.ca for the purpose of this blog.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of 100+ active Cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis Plant. CBD is being shown to be very effective for regulating the system and is a strong alternative for pain and a multitude of other uses on an individual basis, such as anxiety; without any intoxicating effects that are related to THC.

You can find it in products such as Ointments and Tinctures across Canada and many people are starting to benefit from this non-toxic, organic supplement.

Is It Safe?

CBD is a Supplement and isn’t for everybody, but is safe for 99% of people with little to no reported side effects with many benefits currently reported in the medical community.

But, you should discuss CBD with your doctor or medical professional in relation to it’s usefulness for you and despite it’s potential health benefits may not be for you if you are currently on a medical treatment plan of any kind.

Again, CBD is non-psychoactive (There is no High no matter HOW MUCH YOU TAKE.) and eases many physical symptoms, this is proclaimed by many individuals and many doctors agree that CBD is safe in adults when taken responsibly.

Is it Mixable?

A lot of individuals like to mix equal parts of their preferred E-Liquid and Solace CBD, but you can mix to any ratio. Although Solace CBD designed the flavors to be vaped solely on their own for efficiency, consistency and flavor!

CBD is a safe supplement with many benefits, read more at www.SolaceCBD.ca