Coil Resetting — There’s lots of techniques to doing it and certain things to keep in mind with some Coil’s Metal Material and what exactly is it? In our last Blog we talked about How To Reduce Coil Degradation and we will be continuing our conversation on the topic and go into more detail what you can do!

Coil Resetting is when you take a RDA/RBA/RDTA setup with old, degraded wick and coils and you take just the Wick out (The Cotton) and you blast the Coils without any wick or juice red hot (Avoid burning yourself and or setting old juice on fire. PULSE the heat! A little goes a long way!) using your device, scraping with a tool and re-shaping the coils to remove residue and also ensure an easy pathway for you to re-wick the coils by re-positioning and straightening the coils.

You take this time to clean your setup, you let it cool down and you re-wick it with your cotton of choice and you are good to go!

This is the joy of a RDA/RBA/RDTA, you can save some Money and in many cases you get so good at doing this quickly that it saves you time in the long run just needing Cotton, a Ceramic Tweezer and a Brush.

There are a few things to note however for different Coils / Wire that are made out of different Metal Materials.

  • Titanium:

Used primarily in just TC Modes, Titanium is NOT to be used at extremely high temperatures and or at all be used in normal power modes. It’s possible to reset and clean, however it’s also very soft and requires great care, and if there is too much “Blueing” it’s probably best to use a new set of coils.

Also be careful of your Brush, if it’s a wire brush, it’s harder than the titanium and you shouldn’t be using it. Use a toothbrush or you might be creating FLAKES of COIL in your setup!

  • Steel:

Used in both Power and TC Modes, they heat quick and hold heat longer so once you get them red hot they’re pretty easy to clean and hold their shape well.

Usually it’s time to change these Coils out completely when you see a deep blackening of the surface that won’t go with heat and brushing and or any brown discoloration.

  • Nichrome:

Same as Steel in much the same way, toss when its black and it wont go away with heat and brushing and or any brown discoloration.

Kanthal:  Same as Steel and Ni, but it’s a bit more finicky with it’s Shape, usually it’s hard to tell if it’s black after a time and usually you want to look for discoloration / bad bends in the coils.

Another good way of keeping your RDA/RBA/RDTA coils in tip-top shape or if you have a very elaborate build you want to retain and keep going is to dip them in Rubbing Alcohol every couple resets (WHEN THEY ARE COLD OF COURSE and be careful with titanium coils, if there’s funky colors or paint running like visuals going on replace your coils and clean your setup!)

Be careful! Vape Clean, Vape Smart, and you’ll have GREAT VAPE! Always stock up on all your Accessory needs like Cotton, Wire, Pre-Wrapped Coils, Ohm Readers and Coil Building Tools with us here at EZ-Vape Canada!