Why Vape?

A short list of reasons.

Save Money

The cost of e-juices is far less than purchasing pack after pack of cigarettes.

One low price volume of e-juice depending on concentration has the equivalent nicotine content as many as multiple packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine or as little as a quarter pack and below.

But nicotine in vaporizers is slightly different than that is found in reconstituted tobacco as it is less adulterated.

Control Your Consumption

When a cigarette is lit, most smokers consume the entire thing.

It takes a rare discipline to smoke only a portion of a cigarette – and this is even more challenging when any sort of nicotine addiction exists.

E-cigarettes allow for one-by-one inhalations of nicotine vapour, giving you the ability to consume less nicotine while you’re on the path to quitting altogether or just on the path to less of a habit.

Control Your Nicotine

EZ-Vape has high, medium and low concentration e-juice options.

Higher nicotine content e-juices of Salt Nicotine (24 – 50mg) are typically consumed by pack-a-day smokers who are new to e-cigarettes or those looking to control their current habit.

Most individuals even with Salt Nicotine find themselves slowly even without thinking about it — gradually reduce to the 12 – 24mg range.

Medium (6 – 8mg) and low (0 – 3mg) concentration options of Regular Nicotine are also available for those desiring to taper off their nicotine consumption entirely!

Displayed To the left are common strengths to see, and go even higher in the case of Salt Nicotine made for small specialized devices.

Give Your Lungs a Break!

Have you ever woken up with a cough or itchy throat after smoking the night before?

That is caused primarily by tar created by COMBUSTION. For regular smokers, this is a common occurrence.

The physical symptoms of cigarette smoke are greatly mitigated by those who switch to e-cigarettes, namely due to the incredibly low tar content the VAPOURIZATION of nicotine contains vs the high tar content the COMBUSTION of conventional tobacco contains.

Stop Annoying Others

The unpleasant bi-product of second-hand smoke causes discomfort for those around you.

With no-smoking bylaws getting stricter every day, smokers are heavily restricted as to where they can light up without infringing on these laws but also, the people around them where they have to go.

Vapour is very non-intrusive, often pleasant smelling and contains little to no tar and doesn’t damage or produce bad odours in interiors.

Harm Reduction

We all know that cigarettes are harmful to the human body. Moreover, second-hand smoke is dangerous to those around you – often close friends and family.

E-Cigarettes do not create the same harmful by-products as cigarettes do, and are a less harmful alternative for yourself, and those closest to you.

There are lower levels of tar, irritants, diacetyl and many thousands less of chemicals produced by Vapourizing in comparison to Combustion and unlike conventional cigarettes, e-juice contains only a handful of ingredients (PG, VG, Flavourings, Nicotine.)

Unlike the over 5000 ingredients and 600 chemical additives that go into reconstituted/puffed tobacco which makes up conventional cigarettes such as Acetone, Freon and Ammonia to name a few.

Improve Your Fragrance

Cigarette smoke leaves an unpleasant odour on your clothing and nearby furnishings.

Even hours after consuming a cigarette, the scent remains on your clothing and skin all day long, even permanently in the case of cloth furniture.

E-Cigarettes don’t create smoke, the vapour you exhale evaporates in to the air cleanly unlike combustion from tobacco without leaving your skin and clothing tainted with unpleasant odours, tar or damage to interiors.

It's a Fun Hobby!

Outside being perhaps and arguably the best alternative to analog tobacco with its potential benefits, it’s a great Hobby that has a COMMUNITY if one has an interest in Electronics.

Making cool builds you hear about on forums with your friends and hobbyists, creating your own builds with a ton of Events, Competitions and Conventions to attend and many friendly people to meet.

If you’re curious and want more details, we have a comprehensive guide to Vaporizers here:

This concludes a few of the many reasons you should make the switch today!

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