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Starting October 1st, 2022, the Canadian Federal government will be imposing a new tax on all eliquid across Canada.

The Canadian Excise tax applies to other non-vape related industries such as Tobacco, Cannabis, & Alcohol.

Eliquids will now be subject to an Excise tax, increasing their price. This excise tax will start at $1 per 2 mL of eliquid in each container up to 10 mL, plus $1 per 10 mL of eliquid above that.

Starting January 1st, 2023 it will be mandatory for all eliquid products.

For more detailed information, view our blog post about the Vape Excise Tax.

Freebase Nicotine (Sometimes referred to as normal nic or the “weak” one) comes in a variety of different strengths.

Most common Freebase Nicotine Strengths:

  • 0.1 MG
  • 3 MG
  • 6 MG
  • 12 MG
  • Sometimes: 18 MG

We cover the details of how to use Freebase Nicotine in our Vape 101 guide.

Some of the Core Freebase Facts Are:

  • Contains zero additives
  • Slower absorption in the bloodstream
  • Becomes harsher at higher doses
  • Maximum flavour complexity
  • Larger cloud production
  • Suits both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping techniques
  • Often less expensive by volume
  • Available in the lowest nicotine strengths
  • Optimal for vapers with low nicotine needs
  • Works best with higher power wattage devices for the most effective
  • Potentially more e-liquid required for cigarette like nicotine hit
  • Shorter shelf life due to faster oxidation

Salt Nicotine (Sometimes referred to as the strong one) comes in a few different strengths.

Most common Salt Nicotine Strengths:

  • 10 MG
  • 20 MG

We cover the details of how to safely use Salt Nicotine in our Vape 101 guide.

Some of the Core Salt Nicotine Facts Are:

  • Will contain Benzoic or Citric acid for optimizing
  • Fast absorbing in the bloodstream
  • Still smooth in higher doses
  • Limited flavour complexity
  • Constrained cloud production
  • Suits the mouth-to-lung vaping technique
  • Potentially more expensive by volume
  • Available in the highest nicotine strengths
  • Optimal for newbie vapers and mixed users
  • Works best with lower power wattage devices
  • Can achieve cigarette-like nicotine hit with less e-liquid
  • Longest shelf life due to slower oxidation

No, vaporizers are no more dangerous than any other electronic and in most cases; safer with proper maintenance and safe use. Please check out our Battery Safety Page and our Vape 101 Page for more Information.

If you are looking for a replacement, you can find your Tank or Kit on our online store — all of our product pages have links under the contents to that specific item. Most Tanks have multiple options of Coils.

If you cannot find your Tank or are not sure how to identify what you have, feel free to come into any of our Locations by using our Store Locator and we will be glad to help!

You can go to our Vape 101 Page which has a plethora of information on what a Vaporizer or E-Cigarette is and its workings of them — or visit any of our Locations by using our Store Locator to find your nearest one!

We don’t mind showing people or helping them when it comes to how E-Cigs work, and we have the largest selection of options in all of Canada.

Yes, External Chargers come in a Variety of Sizes and are highly recommended for your 18650 (1 Amp Charging), 26650 (2 Amp Charging) or any interchangeable battery device!

They are more reliable, accurate and usually faster charging than charging them via pass thru and USB charging. Be careful inserting and taking your batteries out as scratches, cuts or scrapes on the plastic wrapping of a battery makes the battery DANGEROUS TO USE! For more info please check out our Battery Safety Page.

You can go to our Store Locator and find the nearest EZ-Vape!

You can go to any of our Locations in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, and get one on one help or advice from our knowledgeable and experienced staff and browse all of our cutting-edge products!

Yes, we proudly offer a Flat 10% Discount to any Service Men or Military Personnel at ALL of our Locations, country-wide.

This includes without exclusivity Individuals associated with the following:

  • Canadian Military
  • Canadian Navy
  • Fire Fighters
  • Policemen (Local and Federal Government)
  • Paramedics
  • Ambulance Drivers

Individuals receiving 10% Discount must present an ID card or badge/proof for the service they provide or have provided to our country!

Thank you for asking, we proudly respect and praise the brave, compassionate people who help to better our country.

You betcha’! Happy Birthday!

  • Customers can come in on their Birthday to an EZ-Vape and receive 50% off one bottle of E-juice, any size.

Customer must provide a valid piece of photo identification for proof of DOB (Date Of Birth.)

Yes, there are Coupons Available in-store occasionally throughout the year as well a variety of different Bi-Weekly and Seasonal Sales.

Visit your Local EZ-Vape for the latest deals.

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