EZ-Vape Vape 101 Guide

What is an E-Cigarette/Vaporizer?

Welcome to the EZ-Vape Vape 101 Guide. On this page, we try to explain the basics of devices and which one that certain individuals should start out with. So what is an E-Cigarette/Vaporizer?

Well, the first thing to understand is there are two kinds and they just use different forms of Nicotine. most people interested in Vaping go for a salt nicotine device, especially beginners and they offer stellar performance at very cheap entry points and are the more cigarette-like experience most people are looking for.

But regular nicotine / no nicotine devices still have their merits in increased flavour, a very unique “vaping” drag and the hobby of building coils. Both use different juices entirely that are not cross-compatible.

It might seem daunting with all the options and vast selection we offer at our Store Locations, but all devices share a few common components we will be going over below!

Basic Devices

Every device has a Tank (Which contains a coil)
Every device has a Battery
Every device has a Box / Shell

Every device has a tank or cartridge. This holds the e-juice / e-liquid and usually snaps or screws onto the top of the device. It also contains your atomizer, also known as a coil. Which is the piece that turns the liquid into vapour and requires periodic changing of either the entire cartridge or only the coil within the cartridge.

Every device has a battery, either in the form of an internal battery within the device that can be charged via a USB Port or external batteries that can be interchanged.

Every device has a box/shell that holds the inner components and has the buttons that operate the device.

The Differences Between Salt Nicotine E-Juice & Regular Nicotine E-Juice

There are two kinds of devices, ones that use salt nicotine e-juices that are small mouth-to-lung devices (non-sub ohm) and those that are larger sub-ohm devices that use regular nicotine e-juices.

THESE ARE NOT CROSS COMPATIBLE! Never put salt nicotine juice in a regular juice device!

Salt nicotine e-juice is for use with small non-sub ohm mouth-to-lung devices. Salt nicotine hits the bloodstream quicker and allows for a more similar to a cigarette-like experience with manageable, easy devices that make cutting down on cigarettes easy. Salt nicotine offers small, but very nicotine satisfying clouds that are perfect for the day-to-day and is the best place for a beginner to start.

Pros of Salt Nicotine:

  • • Will contain Benzoic or Citric acid for optimising
  • • Fast absorbing in the bloodstream
  • • Still smooth in higher doses
  • • Limited flavour complexity
  • • Constrained cloud production
  • • Potentially more expensive by volume
  • • Available in the highest nicotine strengths
  • • Optimal for newbie vapers and mixed users
  • • Works best with lower power wattage devices
  • • Can achieve cigarette like nicotine hit with less e-liquid
  • • Longest shelf life due to slower oxidation

Regular nicotine e-juice comes in thicker consistencies for larger sub-ohm devices. They offer less concentrated mg (milligram) levels of nicotine. Regular liquid nicotine hits the bloodstream slower than salt nicotine, it is primarily for flavour and chasing large clouds. More tailored for enjoyment and lighter
nicotine consumption.

Pros of Normal Nicotine:

  • • Contains zero additives
  • • Slower absorbing in the bloodstream
  • • Becomes harsher at higher doses
  • • Maximum flavour complexity
  • • Larger cloud production
  • • Suits both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping techniques
  • • Often less expensive by volume
  • • Available in the lowest nicotine strengths
  • • Optimal for vapers with low nicotine needs
  • • Works best with higher power wattage devices for most effective
  • • Potentially more e-liquid required for cigarette like nicotine hit
  • • Shorter shelf life due to faster oxidation

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