Vitamin E-Acetate, what is it? What is going on with vaping right now and JUUL? Is anything going to happen to the Vape Shop Near Me?

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And we are talking today in detail about the recent claims and reports out of the U.S.A and their recent decision to ban all Flavourings in E-Juice products.

We have done our due diligence as fellow vapers and tried to approach this as factually as we can and have come to our conclusions on facts based in studies and the accurate information about the recent news reports.

You have probably heard recently from the news or just in passing talk that a few people starting getting sick and many were blaming Vaping.

We would like to first talk about what has happened over the last two months, because we want to make sure we make ourselves clear today and make sure we’re all on the same page:

What Has Happened

This year, (2019) August into September various reports of people becoming sick and some dying from a particular lung related illnesses coming out of the United States with reports showing up in localized areas such as New York City that later turned into reports from across states.

But these were linked primarily to illicit black market made pre-filled Marijuana cartridges initially.

People were getting sick from illicit, crude and contaminated Marijuana products and even some people with compromised immune systems or those with chronic pain getting sick from Medical Marijuana Cartridges.

Then one individual died from what was blamed on JUUL Vaporizers, but we never learned if this individual was using official JUUL Pods or using unofficial fillable JUUL compatible pods or pre-filled illicit black market Marijuana pods that were compatible with a JUUL, or if they had multiple devices.

Not much information on the reality of the situation and a very large outcry for “The Youth” happened. This took off by storm with a lot of the large news organizations and the CDC, FDA started to investigate and study the situation.

What they concluded was that Marijuana containing products are likely the main culprit as they tested 10 samples of Nicotine E-Juices and 18 Marijuana products illicit and medical:

The CDC found that 10 of the 18 Marijuana products contained a certain version of a chemical oil called Vitamin E-Acetate which is used primarily in ointments and creams. None of the Nicotine products did.

And stated that they are not entirely convinced it is just that causing this but was the only link with direct cause found yet.

With the most recent 8th death of a St. Louis, Missouri man in his mid-forties who began vaping in May to treat chronic pain.

New York has received 34 reports from doctors of severe pulmonary illness among patients who ranged in age from 15 to 46 who were using at least one Marijuana containing vape product before becoming sick as reported this Thursday.

Any proper article with specifics is citing Marijuana products as the only evidence based reasoning at this time. And a lot of the worry is with teenagers. A lot of people are misinformed as well and are blaming vaporizers as a whole not understanding there are many different kinds of vaporizers with a lack of education.

The United States are going to be signing a bill potentially now that will:

  • Tax vape products such as E-juice vaporizers just as they do Tobacco products.
  • Ban all flavoured e-juice products except “Tobacco” flavours. (Which is confusing, are these somehow any safer, even when the main culprit isn’t even Nicotine E-cigarettes? It’s very confusing and saying two things at once.)
  • Restrict advertising and create Anti-vaporizer health campaigns.

What is Vitamin E-Acetate?

Vitamin E-Acetate is primarily used in food and cosmetic products such as ointments and lotions.

It has been marketed as a Concentrate Additive for illicit Marijuana product manufacturers in recent years as a cutting agent to add more weight to pre-filled cartridges and bind flavourings to the large molecules of concentrate products.

It’s not a very safe way of doing this and as some Cannabis articles have stated has become very rampant from cheap over-seas imported products that are resold. Our juices DO NOT contain Vitamin E-Acetate and we feel quite confident in thinking that most of other brands within Canada do not either.

There is a good bit not known or given about the situation and no clear distinctions in the news between the various forms of vaporizers. E-Juice Nicotine Vaporizers that we have based our businesses on do not contain such blatant Adulterants.

We are regulated already here in Canada with proper updated compliant packaging, flavour names that adhere to the rules and a more restrictive selection of flavourings.

Health Canada and other agencies do regulate our products and our products to begin with are different in many ways from American E-Juice. But this issue doesn’t seem to stem from people vaping Nicotine E-Juice products in the first place.

Vaping is an Effective Smoking Cessation Device

Most of these issues are mostly entirely happening in the United States. In Europe they do not have these issues and are some of the best examples of proper public health regulation & policy when it comes to E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

There are numerous reports done by their public health agencies specifically on E-Cigarettes and estimated in some studies that E-Cigarettes are up to 90 to 95% less harmful. These studies may not apply for other countries public health agencies, but they have spent the time to do the research.

In Europe they have more regulations about E-Cigarettes, smaller tanks and a maximum nicotine concentration limit. But they also approve and view Vaporizers as a medical smoking cessation device and an alternative for classical NRT products.

They base their decisions on rational evidence based research with various studies for years now on as to the safety of vaporizers. People aren’t dying and getting sick from vaporizers in Europe, they are using them to quit smoking.

Ironically, in Europe the Marijuana products that are popular here in North America are less so in Europe due to legality and culture. Although even they have reports of people becoming sick from low quality, adulterated illicit products.

You can view quite a few different resources below for information on such studies:

The thing about a lot of studies as pointed out by the above resources is they aren’t comparing their results directly with tobacco products. Vaping is a way of quitting smoking. And in direct comparison in Europe, they feel it’s better to vape than to smoke based on the evidence that it is harm reduction.

Cigarettes kill over 1300 people a day in the United States and Worldwide it’s over 7 million people a year. What if we compared that to Vaping in the last 10 years?

With facts like that, and studies such as these done the sensational response recently out of the United States to vilify vaping is concerning. But is Vaping this big of a concern?

As far as “Is Vaping Safe?” “Is Vaping Healthy?” we expect adults to make up their own conclusions and do their own research. We do not sell our products to anyone under 19 in Canada, and we stand by our products.

We hope you have been somewhat informed today, thank you for reading our article today on Vitamin E-Acetate and the current events of this “Vape Ban” in the United States.

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