Here at EZ-Vape we are constantly trying to update our stock in our warehouse and many many Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada. But, we also try our best to inform you all of various Vaping Topics via our Blog & Newsletter.

Over the last year, we have received handfuls of questions every single week about hundreds of different E-Cigarette Devices, E-Juices and Herbal Vaporizers such as The Pax 3.

Today’s post is a look back over the last year at some of our best Blog Posts, Articles & Reviews. We usually post at least once a month on or near the First.

Our Blog Archives and our hand-made Vape 101 Guide has made EZ-Vape ( one of Canada’s most read Vaping Resource.

We answer questions of all sorts via our Comments section you will find on the bottom of every Product Page / Blog Post on our site with a response usually within 48hrs.

We have been very happy to inform and educate people who take the time to ask over the last year, and we’d like to look at some of our best articles and check in a bit with each product.

And explain a bit of the process here at the EZ-Vape Web Team.

The Process

Everything you see here on the Website is periodically updated and we handle most of the online operations & advertising for the Locations. When I’m not here answering comments — I’m managing other things and scheduling tasks.

So what goes into writing a blog post and managing this website?

A lot, a simple breakdown would be:

1. Asset Work

  • Shoot & Edit every product image in various formats/sizes.
  • Gather all technical data on a product as we shoot it/handle it.
  • Combine the images, data and create the products page(s).

2. Production

  • We move onto creating the Banners you will see as part of a proprietary display system at most EZ-Vape Locations.

    We have to create at least two (One for our BC Stores, and one for AB Stores and their different prices,) but usually three versions of Banners for every product that comes into the EZ-Vape Warehouse.

  • We also at this stage for E-Juice products/lines or previously — have had created a Flavour Card hand-out and or a Poster design to be sent off to Locations.

3. Social Media

  • With the assets created, and graphic production done — we have to also post various Social Media content both alongside the bi-weekly sales and promotions.
  • The above also includes creating hand-made MailChimp campaigns tailored to the sales and promotions specifically

4. Fin

  • With all of the above done, we have had about 4, 5 people have some part in it on the graphics and marketing side.

    But I primarily do the photos, product information and content solely.

    It’s at this point I can finally create the Articles/Blog Posts you all have been engaging with.

    I have a group of people I discuss the products we review here with and I spend some hands-on time with them or in most cases of the really cool products — I own one.

24/7 Vape Help & Knowledge

The Best Of The Year

May, 2018 – The Beginning

It’s been exactly One Year since we started really hammering in our articles. Previously, I was just making product pages and answering the comments and people started to notice they could get some personal support for their vaporizer issues or questions.

This is around the time I finished the Vape 101 Guide’s second reiteration. When we launched that shortly before May we got a massive influx of people. A lot of hours were spent writing and stylizing its multiple pages but more importantly creating the seamless visual style.

It got to the point where I thought we needed to start offering some Articles and discussions about various things people would write to us about and it was around the time Yocan came out with what I deemed the “Dab Nukes” or the “Dab Cannons” — The Yocan Magneto & The Yocan Evolve XL.

At the time, there were only really good 510 Atomizers but not a whole lot of good all-in-one Atomizer + Battery Herbal Concentrate Devices. I was blown away by the ease and all-in-one kits, good price, good quality and fantastic coils.

We started custom making images and shooting products in various ways incorporating images with my writing, and well, here we are a year later!


So how did the Yocan Magneto & Yocan Evolve Plus XL stand to the test of time? In a year, we still got them on the shelves and my initial review stands true — they’re great and offer fantastic herbal concentrate vapour.

And what about the Yocan Hive 2.0 Herbal + E-Juice Kit? — Still on the shelf, still a good cheap solution specifically for Concentrates and light E-Juice use.

The Smok Mag Kit is still a good selling unit a year later, the Prince Tank is as good still as it was in 2018 and it’s continued to be an ever-loved design by vapers everywhere.

October, 2018 – The JUUL V3 Kit

By October, we had more and more questions and comments about this that and the other thing. This review/article from October makes the list because when we started stocking the JUUL, you guys just kept coming!

It was at this point in time I started having to log in twice a day to make sure I didn’t miss anybody!

During this time, I made some extensive tweaks to the Salt Nicotine portion of the Vape 101 Guide and tweaked our FAQ page to include a lot of common questions.


A year later, the JUUL still holds a majority of the whole of the vaporizer market / vaping market. They’re incredibly cheap, and their high MG JUULpods means even with a tiny cloud, it’s highly satisfying.

Still recommendable for all beginners, but we have seen in the last year a lot of response with Smok creating the Nord and STLTH entering the market with their Re-fillable pods and improved technical stats.

I’m a little less inclined now in 2019 to recommend you pick up a JUUL, as for a few dollars more initially you can save yourself a tremendous amount of money not buying the skimpy 1.0mL JUULpods overtime. I only recommend this unit to people who really do want a true “No Frills” device or for people who want to get their feet wet.

But, I’m a little bias. And I know a lot of people who swear by them, and I like them too. It’s just there’s more competition by Smok and others now that allows for those willing to refill their pods to save quite a bit and have a bit of a better time for a cheaper cost over-time.

February, 2019 – The Lost Vape Orion Kit

Fast forward to February — up to this point in time and through many tweaks to the site we successfully started seeing people find the answers to their questions via The Vape 101 Guide, The Blogs and our FAQ. More people were reading, but fewer people asked the same standard questions from before.

It’s at this point, I had more time to hone the articles over answering comments from previous ones/pages. Which you can see in future posts. And it was more apparent that providing this information really did teach some people.


As stated in the October article above, from October 2018 to about this time in February 2019 we saw many competitors to The JUUL come onto the scene over the months. The Vape Orion DNA Go Kit was and still is one of the most luxurious refillable pod-based devices available today.

Everything that was said in February continues on now into May 2019. And honestly, I don’t think Salt Nicotine Devices get much better.

April, 2019 – The Pax 3 Kit

What I would say is “The Best” article here we have done on The EZ-Vape Blog has got to be last months: April 2019 – The Pax 3!

As stated previously, we found that we started answering a lot of peoples questions and that really freed up time to improve other aspects of The Website (

The Pax 3 was out for quite a while before we decided to stock it at our EZ-Vape Locations, and I got one as soon as they got in — it really captivated me and impressed me. It’s an impressive piece of production design.

With other tasks complete, I ended up creating one of our most in-depth posts for April.


Everything I said a month ago holds true today. The whole article can be broken down to “Go. Buy. One.”

Final Notes

After a full year of Blog Posts & Articles and answering all of your questions, we have found that we successfully answered most of the basics and even some of the more advanced questions.

We just want to remind you, if you have any kind of vaporizer question you can ask us on any of the product pages or articles here on

We have seen some great products, 2018 was a really good year for vaporizers and 2019 is geared to be yet another!

Over the last two years of seeing this large website grow (We have over 890 Products as of writing, with
roughly over 5000 product variations such as colour documented over the years.) We really feel accomplished with what we have, and will continually be doing into 2019.

We will be updating this website and introducing the EZ-Vape Online Store in the next little while. We will be accepting and delivering orders finally after years of people requesting we do so. We’re really excited, and we hope you are too!

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of the work that we have been doing over the last year, and our continuing work to create the most comprehensive vaping resource site we possibly can — great things are coming this year!

You can visit any of our Locations across British Columbia & Alberta, Canada  — and get cloud-chasing today with the best selection in Canada!

What kind of topics would you like to see? What devices would you like to see EZ-Vape Stock? Got a question?

Leave us a Comment below!